Treehouse family is about creating childhood memories outside…It’s about loving the wind and rain and bugs…It’s about walking barefoot on the earth … with my child…

Programmes presented by the TreeHouse Family:

Hoerikwaggo Kids Club for Home-schoolers

Hoerikwaggo Kids are young conservationists, inspired by knowledge, beauty and friends. Kids willing to take action to see change; leading the next generation in sustainable living.

‘It is a wonderful way to add science and nature study lessons to the home-school day, knowing that the education provided is of the highest quality, and a hands-eyes-and-ears based lesson for the auditory and kinaesthetic learners, while still receiving full lesson notes to cater for the visual learners. It is often a welcome break in the month from lessons at home, and a much-needed breath of fresh air in the midst of our busy lives!’ Caroline Gill

The Hoerikwaggo Kids meet once a month in a safe natural area to participate in a conservation lesson and activity. We explore the fabulous fynbos and wild shores of Cape Town and take hands and take action with others to protect our biodiversity hotspot!

Cape Town Rangers

This is the programme for those kids with a special interest in the environment and conservation!The Cape Town Rangers are children from all corners of Cape Town that participate in nature conservation training to become well-informed citizens contributing to the vision and mission of conservation in Cape Town and the world.

The Cape Town Rangers meet once a month in a safe natural area to participate in a conservation lesson and activity. We explore the fabulous fynbos and wild shores of Cape Town and take action to protect our biodiversity hotspot!

Guided School Programmes

Christa has 18 years of environmental education experience in South African National Parks of which 15 of those years were spent in the Table Mountain National Park. She now still assists teachers with planning, preparing and presenting lessons in the national park. The lessons are fully guided and include natural and cultural heritage aspects.

Holiday Club

We run holiday club ‘get-togethers’ in the natural areas around the Deep South of the peninsula. As part of these club meetings, you will have a fully interpreted walk in a secure natural area and also an opportunity for free-play for the kids. As a strong supporter of free-play in the outdoors and in any kind of weather, the holiday club provides instant friends, nature and fun! This holiday club is for kids and parents.


About  Christa

Christa Stringer has been in conservation education & training since 1999. Her passion for teaching in & about the environment became clear from the start of her conservation training & has developed as she worked in various National Parks (NP) & in diverse communities over the years. Her loyalty lay with SANParks & she was employed by them since 2001-2018, beginning with her internship in the West Coast NP. An exciting new environmental awareness program in Namaqua NP opened the doors to the international conservation education scene where she worked on the RARE Pride campaign alongside countries like Fiji, Micronesia, Thailand, Palau, Belize & Indonesia.

Christa developed a keen interest in the development of environmental education resources through her experience with the Pride campaign. The past 18 years in SANPs have developed in her a fine attunement in reaching her audience in a memorable way.

Christa’s knowledge of & concern for the environment, her natural teaching ability, organisational skills, warm personality & willingness to learn make her a fine environmental educator. She has grown tremendously in the last decade & this is mainly due to her enthusiasm for learning. Christa is a life-long learner.

She has developed & run the most successful SANParks Junior Ranger (JR) program to date, in Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) and was instrumental to setting up similar programs in all other NPs. The TMNP JR was well known as an outstanding training & mentoring programme available to young conservationist.

Christa’s teaching is current & modern, always reflecting present-day world views & conservation movements. She’s a doer of conservation in her profession & as a wife & mother of two.

She is originally from Pretoria, but has made Cape Town her home since 2003 where she lives & works in the beautiful Fynbos of the Southern Peninsula. Nature inspires her. The youth give her hope. And her faith creates in her a passion to care for and love all of God’s creation.

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